These are some of the web resources I have found to be useful:
This was  useful for me  because i can type in my area and get a local forecast. Also they have good learning features.
The weather information service from the BBC. Currently provided by the Met Office. Again it provides both UK wide and regional information – targetted at the less technical user.
I used this site for  reasearch before i started to build my weather satellite receiver.
A useful source of surface pressure charts (and others) covering Eastern USA, the Atlantic ocean and the UK. I combine the data from the surface pressure maps with the images I receive from my satellite system to give a clearer picture of how weather systems are developing. i don’t use this one very often but it gives a lot of information on the weather in an easy-to-understand format.


Sensors project related: The open source electronics prototyping platform I used in my sensors project. A description of the server systems we use – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. A tutorial using LDRs……-TMP36 A tutorial using the TMP36 sensor A brief guide to using the HTF3223 humidity sensor on daddys blog site


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