Composite pasess 15:14 and 16:55 UTC today

27 06 2011

Composite pasess 15:14 and  16:55 UTC todayA quick composite of sequential NOAA15 passes today at 15:14 (right) and 16:55 (left) UTC – showing north Atlantic and northern Europe, centred on home.

processing is Multi-Channel IR (MCIR)

Compositing editor: Daddy


Sensor tests – update

12 06 2011

As Emily has commented, tests have been running throughout the day. The morning started bright with blue skies and some thin cirrus cloud, but as the morning progressed a weather front moved in from the south bringing in rain and total cloud cover.

04:08UTC – the front clearly visible just south of home










06:2UTC – Thick cloud now fully obscuring the sky










16:15UTC – The cloud cover now thinner but still 8/8ths coverage here.










The results so far have however been useful. We have a good range of data from the sensor tests under overcast conditions. (results will follow). The forecast for tomorrow is brighter, so I hope to run a few additional tests under clear sky conditions at 12:00UTC to get a maximum brightness reading, and if conditions permit Emily will take some further clear sky sunset and dusk readings to add to the data.

light sensor testing

12 06 2011

light sensor testingToday I am testing my light sensor in different light levels at regular intervals in the day (every 15 minuets), I started just before sunrise 4:42 and am going to carry on recording data until after sun set 9:29 to give me maximum range of light levels.

light sensor testing rigging

12 06 2011

light sensor testing riggingthis is the rigging I am using to test my light sensor it consists of the light sensor in it’s ray dome connected to a multimeter and the resistance being measured and recorded (data to follow).

light sensor testing rigging (cont)

12 06 2011

light sensor testing rigging (cont)This is a close up of the radome it contains the light dependant resistor, that today we are testing in different light levels. This is the one we will be using in the final project and it has been abraded to diffuse the light giving a better average amount of light and reducing the affect of shadowing.

light sensor testing

12 06 2011

Today I am taking light level readings, using my light sensor, at regular intervals in the day. This data will help me calibrate the light sensor. Data to follow later on today.

Light, Temperature and Humidity sensors project

9 06 2011

I am currently in the middle of new project, this consists of sensors to obtain relative humidity, light levels and temperature.

The values from these sensors will be read remotely and will eventually produce regular graphs showing the trends and changes up for different time increments e.g last day, last week. These will be displayed on a separate page here on my blog.

I may potentially extend this by putting graphics on my blog or other projects that we can incorporate this data into. There are still many elements of the design I am still deciding on, such as where to house the sensors, How to process the data etc.

We still have many tests both for the sensors and the rigging, so final decisions are a little way off yet.

Pictures will be up on the blog for each test, I will keep you updated on progress.