Monthly and annual graphs – online again.

11 04 2012

After a week or so of data gathering, Im pleased to announce that the monthly and annual graphs are now back online. As I write this, there is only 8 days worth of data in them, so they are going to look a little sparse, but the monthly graph will start to rotate in another few weeks, and the rolling annual data will begin to build up again.

For those that asked, the problem we encountered was a poorly thought through order and group by clause in the sql select statement used to populate the data table which is used for the long term min/max data that runs at midnight each day. The resulting data had a 7 day sliding average bias unintentionally inserted by this error.



4 04 2012

Snow!!Well I woke up this morning to a very different sight; moderate snow fall a very stark contrast to last weeks, high temperatures and cloudless skies.
Having done some research i have come to the conclusion that this sudden change in weather is down to two main factors. We have low pressure front the swept up the country and is now lingering over us, which met cold air that hit Scotland first and quickly blew down the country, low pressure air often brings wet weather and mixed in with the cold air it turned these into wintry showers.
At the moment here it is 0.3 degrees, but with with a wind of gusts up to 35kmph, the wind chill it feels much colder, theres a thought for another project a device that measures wind child and direction, hummm some food for thought there.

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Monthly and Annual graphs offline

1 04 2012

Unfortunately we have spotted an error that has crept into the SQL syntax in the data transfer script between the weekly data and the on-going daily data tables which are used to produce the monthly and annual graphs which was resulting in a smoothing of the figures greater than we planned. (Hourly, daily and weekly graphs are not effected).

After some tests it has been decided that it is impractical to reverse this error in the archived data, so the decision has been taken to flush the monthly and annual tables and to begin populating them again with correct data.

This means monthly and on-going graphs will be off-line until possibly the end of April to allow data creation and checking.