Snow !!

22 12 2010

As I am sure you are all aware it is snowing or has snowed very recently, despite it’s beauty it can be an inconvenience, especially as everyone is trying to get their Christmas shopping done.

Last night the temperature outside dropped to about -3 and it snowed a moderate amount however some nights the temperature has dropped to -9 and above and there has been no snow at all. Also I heard people say “it’s too cold to snow..” but what is the right temperature for it to snow or is there even a temperature snow won’t fall.

After some research I found out that no it can still snow when it is very cold but it is harder to do so.

There are many different reasons that contribute to this but the main factor is that as air gets colder it can hold less water vapour which is needed to make snow. So around 0-1°C there is lots of vapour in the air where as below about -10°C + there is very little water vapour in the air.

Some people claim that even at -40°C ice crystals can form but they were very small.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and stay safe in the snow.